18 January 2007

Got a Happy Pill?

I haven’t been ok. I hate nagging. I hate complaining. But dammit, I shall turn into a dry toast if I don’t.

I’d had a great vacation in Jordan, but as soon as I set foot in the island everything went berserk.

My flu went worse. I have been diagnosed with asthma. My boss’s secretary left and I had to, painfully, replace her for the time being. My mama is out of the country for three weeks. I have been eating like a pig, and yes, I gained weight. No cigarettes for the past three weeks. M turned out to be with someone. I don’t know h
ow to fix the new rubber bits of my car’s wipers. And I have the weirdest dreams every night. I’m on call all weekend.

Above that all, I’ve been accused of being edgy, distant and fat. Seriously, what do you expect?

For the first time ever in my life I do not feel like socializing. All I want is to switch my phone off and sleep. For hours and hours and hours. Do I want to talk to anyone? No. Do I wan
t to drink, shop or dance? No. Nothing

I’m not depressed. It’s just a phase, I know that, hence my ability to look at this and still smile.

Everyone who finds me unbearable these days, please take a few footsteps back. Your happiness fairy shall return soon, just let her be for the time being.



moodZ said...

It's just you going through the rollercoaster ride we call life, the ups.. downs and the loops. It's moments like those that make occasions of happiness and joy much more meaningful and significant.

In hope for a healthier, happier you, smoke free and on a perpetual diet.. Cheers!

aMaL said...

Cheers, moodz!
..and thank you ;)

Dr.Lost said...

i dont see why you'd be complaining if your mama is outta town.. but anyways sounds like a rough week.. :( cheer up.. travel.. just get your mind off of stuff.. get together with ur closest friends etc..

LuLu said...

Well it happens! I'll sound like a grandma but I'd say quit smoking, eat sorbet instead of ice-cream as comfort food, and work out w/good music! TC

Missy said...

a spa is the solution! ;)

aMaL said...

i know what i need now.