04 November 2006

..On the romantic side..

He is like a feather, spreading a soft breeze below sunrays. The site of him transforms me into a timid child. He says not a word, yet his wide brown eyes conquer my soul with a single look, and leave me mindless, foolish and bewildered..

I tried to look beyond the excruciating longing for a hug from him, beyond the woven fantasies of kisses and pretty wishes.. It’s been days with the sound of his name running around in a musical whirl.. Nights have been passing with dreams of nothing but his soft, bright face.. It is difficult to look beyond the face.

I know the truth. It is not about the face, nor the wishes, nor the eyes. It is not love, nor is it lust. It isn’t about the unspoken words, nor the mystery behind the silence-enveloped mind. It is about what he, as a man, represents; the lost kingdom of passion.


angermanagement said...

thats amazing ..

loved every last word ..

aMaL said...

thank you =)