09 November 2006

..how i wonder what you are..

My eyes glitter as they follow him from afar, tracing every silver wave his feet leave. Does he know that I meltingly stare at his details whenever I lay sight on him?

He spreads fresh musk flowers and butterflies on my dull brown day, my brain suddenly discovers the existence of colours, repeatedly, when he passes by. The nearness of him makes life seem complete. All is trivial, except his childlike smile.

Yes, I could be foolish for using this romantic fairytale screen to visualize him, yet it makes me breathe more than it suffocates me.

Does he know? Does he know that whenever he is two feet away all I lust for is to feel my blazing flesh burning against his..?

Can he notice the airhead I turn into when he utters rushing words to my eyes? Does he notice my blush when his eyes cross mine? Can he feel the heat in my ribs for him when he leans towards me for a second?

I wonder!

Theme song: Nancy Ajram – E7sas Jdeed

7th November 2006

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