16 October 2006

Venting My Anger..

I hate it when:

  • People click Apply then OK
  • They pretend that Google does not exist
  • I have to remind my colleagues twice about walking into the meeting room
  • My teammates ask each other what they will be having for Fatoor tonight. What’s the point?
  • Important/urgent emails are ignored and trivial ones are replied to
  • I have Craft Moments*
  • N says, “ ‘3arbal allah bleesesh” (you’ll receive an excruciating punch for that one day)
  • People suddenly decide to be super-bitches (super hint)
  • I know too much information about one’s children (yes, we know they’re cute, enough now..)
  • I’m easily distracted
  • Some people think they can fool me when they’re too damn obvious
  • I can’t find the dream dress / pair of sandals I’ve been looking for
  • People just disappear
  • Certain people take jokes too seriously. Wtf, chill, baby!

Note to all the hot mamas in the office: I’m only nasty cuz I love you so much (puppy face)..

“I Love It When” list, coming soon, perhaps after Eid when all this mess is over..

*CRAFT = Can’t Remember a Fucking Thing


M. Atari said...

LOOOOOL!! office anger that is?!
or iz it just general ramadhan thingy?! I dont care, it cracked me up hahahaha!!
chill gurl :D

aMaL said...

7annaz.. lets just hope everyone else takes it like you did.. what about you show us YOUR list.. i'm sure you have a lot to share :p

M. Atari said...

Oh my! i dont think sharing my thoughts and the "hate list" will keep me alive!! "Yoqtaaaaaaaaalll" LOOOL
oh well, my list iz tooooo loong to be posted on a blog.. i need a dedicated server :D
but simply, i hate the world today!


H. said...

I hate it when I love something I hate. Messed up, I know, but true.

Now that is giving away quite abit of myself, no?


aMaL said...

atari: 5aleek gada3 ;)

h.: interesting.. kinda know what you mean..

moodZ said...


How about you tell us about stuff you love next post! Basna Negativity!

aMaL said...

Moodz, told you I will ;)

soon soon.. and a long list it shall be!

MooDy said...

someone is p*st ...
BTW i do the apply then OK .. and Wheneva i see you , i'll bring out my laptop and show ya how i do it again again and again ...

Note: Get some fresh air , will ya :D

aMaL said...

moody, let me tell you one thing: there's a thin line between sarcasm and actual anger.. don't be fooled by what your mind tells you it is..

soulsearch said...

Loved the list amool, and we'll be eating that fresh n tasty molookhia for futoor today !!! ...,
Luv ya