11 October 2006

..Ode to Him..

I am a woman
And wild
And I wear
Nothing but fire
And a crown
Made of feathers

I know how your eyes shine
And I can
Spot them
Amid a million other pairs
Among the darkest clouds..

On your lips
A trail of melting words
Only I taste

You are
My saviour
For you only I smile
Your chest blazes with warmth
Wind becomes music in your presence
Loss vanishes..

Toss me through the clouds
Fetch me, for I’m yours
Kneeling before your feet, only, Lord..

10th October 2006


Shaikha Mufeez said...

The portrayal of senses in the poem is amazingly vivid. You display feelings that we only think of but do not have the ability to express:))
I've never come across this type of ryhme. The ones I usually like are sonnets of 14 but yours is so well composed and the metrical feet form rhythmical lines that are not familiar to me but so pleasing to the mind and to the ears if read out loud:))
Please do write more and I believe in no time you will have your own work and I will be among the first to purchase it:))
Love ya

aMaL said...

Shaikha, always wonderful to see you..
Thanks a lot for your words, they mean a lot to me!
Keep in touch..

MooDy said...

Moola is good at this really ...!

soulsearch said...

Amool, your words are amazing, your poems are mesmerizing, couldnt agree more with Shaikha. Write on...

aMaL said...

thanks, A Senior ;)