27 October 2006

Massari = Misery..

I made a mistake, I admit it. It’s the first mistake I ever made and it just had to be this.

Massari’s concert was one big pain in the arse failure. It was everything a concert shouldn’t be: it was boring, the music was bad, it was indoors, the dj paused silently between the songs (gradually suffocating the party mood til death), and there were kids, lots of them, too many of them, with all the hair and the shades and the million things god knows why they wear. Also, Baldy-Canadian-Lebanese-who-stole-superman’s-logo didn’t show up until around 11:30 and only kept his behind there for a little while.

I kept asking Jess, my friend whom I went with, whether we’re just being snobbish, was the party really bad or whether we’re just too grown up for this now, even at the innocent age of 23. Couldn’t find an answer, perhaps it’s all the reasons above and more.

I have to say though, it was really funny observing teens’ behaviour, and some of the elderly’s as well. The most annoying of all was the one on my right whose long blonde thick curly hair was all over my back and whose idea of dancing was to constantly bend backwards. Or maybe it was the two guys who offered to carry us on their shoulders since we are both petite and couldn’t see much from where we were standing. There was the dirty-dancing couple who kept rubbing their private parts in the middle of the un-private hall (disturbing). And, of course, the squealing young ladies whom I think were trying to convince themselves that Baldy was worth being excited about, NOT.

But I don’t care about all that. All in all, it was a very awkward day and I was at the wrong place in the wrong time but still ended up learning a valuable lesson: Never to force myself to attend another party again if I can see all the crap coming..

..and tomorrow’s another brand new sunny lovey dovey day..

Oh, and there’s a lesson 2 too: Chilli’s is open until 3 am yey.

Have a nice weekend everyone..


QEMA said...

daffa3ko el Massari 3al fadi ??! :D

Jesso said...

Another lesson we learned: Gulf Hotel Staff hates us :)))

MooDy said...

lawl >> new version of lol, but girly .
any how , i told everyone who told me about this concert that its gonna be (" The art of total crap ") .

Everyone gave me the finger and went to the concert :D

it was so amusing to see them ringing ma phones changing their plans ..
muahahhahahahahahah !

aMaL said...

qema: il Massari ra7et, man, bes the money was worth the lesson(s) we learnt..

jesso: oh yeah!

aMaL said...

moody: lawl, you didn't tell me :p

SuperNitfah said...

OH MY GOD! I thought it would be. You can notice all the 14-year-old teenagers in Bahrain had attended his concert and i guess all of them posted their pix on hi5 lol!

Losers, those teenz.

Mooni said...

I didn't go, but i heard tht it was carp! hehehe