20 September 2006


Yes, I finally decided to start blogging.. I think many of us start blogging when they are, again, on the verge of exploding from all the nonsensical pressure that jams our throats and suffocates us more and more everyday..

No, I’m not that gothic.. not that pessimistic.. not that sick.. but it’s been a while since I felt truly happy and carefree.. Last time I felt so was when I came back from Jordan last July.. I came back with a spirit filled with oxygen and colour, and a few weeks after that I started having this major stupid crush on someone I don’t even get along well with, and the after-effect of my short vacation started to wear off.. like Irish Cream on a Thursday afternoon when you have no plans for the night..

And where the heck is that other guy who only called once? What’s wrong with men, seriously? What’s the deal with all the mixed messages? Or do we women tend to over analyze?

I’m single. It’s not the best thing in the world. In an effort to learn how to deal with my lack of whatsitcalled, I started reading the book “He’s Just Not That into You”, and yes, it’s depressing. It’s not really helping, yet. However, it’s always good to hear a new point of view, especially when one is clueless. More about that some other time.

My job is tasteless. I don’t feel challenged nor motivated. I feel like I’ve been sitting in the same spot I was in a year ago when I first join the organization. Mind you, I’m not lazy, I’m actually the complete opposite. And yes, I know that if I’m not satisfied with where I am I should move on, but I, unfortunately, have faith in it, and am hopeful..

Enough for now, the office is too noisy. Do you think my boss (still not sure who that is) would mind if I install a tent around my office tomorrow? Or maybe a redbrick wall, yes, and I’ll have graffiti on it, and windows and a back alley.. ooooh..

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

..heh ..i'm glad you joined the world of blogging.. yes the reason you start it is mainly the need to explode, and just like me you started yours at the office.

..About the over analyzing: i should be crowned for being the queen of over analyzing..

..and don't even bother trying to understand men, it's hard enough trying to understand one at a time: fathers and brothers should never be analyzed !!BEWARE!!

..i would shoot myself in an environment like that, I'm soo glad my office is isolated from the rest, i've lectured other employees about noise levels and formality: I wouldn't survive a day n a cubicle..

any good luck with everything confusing you, but keep up with the blog..

aMaL said...

aaah.. what a world, eh! Thanks a bunch sisTa!

Anonymous said...

i agree... men will never be understood!!
your a great writter! keep the entertainment coming! :)

Shaikha Mufeez said...

Hey sugar:))
Mabrook dear, among all the people I know ur the one most likely not just to start her own blog but have one that is actually interesting:)) U have ideas in that head of urs girl:))) I know I'll enjoy checking it out every morning:))

jesso said...

you are probably better at blogging...I can't keep it up i'm to friggin lazy hehe.

aMaL said...

anon, shaikha, jesso, thanks a bunch ;)

yey, this is fun =p

MooDy said...

You Finally made it ... Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaay :)
Mabroook dear lol ..

Faceless said...

i can relate. i feel you. exactly the reason i started blogging .. good luck:)

aMaL said...

thanks moodiTTo.. love you loads xoxo

Faceless, loved your blog! couldn't find a guestbook though, so, here..

ExCluSiVe said...

Finally!! congrats babe!

Blayde said...

Welcome to blogging, but i have to disagree on your first point, the main reason i started is that so much can be gained from blogging, the taking off of pressure by venting thoughts here is a neat feature of blogging, that i utilize pleasurably...

aMaL said...

Thanks, blayde..

Then we don't disagree ;)

TechZ said...

Welcome to the blog world, you'll enjoy it here :D