24 September 2006

Damn Tango..

Ok, it’s not the only thing that’s troubling me at the moment, I have my career to worry about.. and pollution too… but let me share the following thoughts with you for now.

So you like someone (you’re a girl right now) and, knowing you won’t meet anyone else you might be interested in in the near future (you’re in Bahrain, yeah), you feel like making a move. On the other hand, this book you’re reading (yes, still am with “He’s Just Not That Into You”) says that if he liked you enough he would’ve called and basically meanwhile you should stick your fingers anywhere else other than on your cell phone’s keypad and wait for him to ask you out. What do you do?

I don’t like playing games. I don’t like pretending to be hard to get, because it’s not about that. I’m blunt and I’d give it to you “3ala bala6a” as often as I can. So why do I always feel like my honesty and transparency lead me to places where I’m embarrassed of acting so? Why can’t we all just be straight forward and quit that tango shit? Why are we so pressured to act these certain roles even when it comes to such personal and spontaneous situations?

On another note, embarak 3alaikom il shahar and may it be a month of joy and AWARENESS..

Cheers, people.


Faceless said...

yep. i know where you're at right now.
i even talked about this alot alot .. that book is the devil!! its the devil i tell ya :)

Anonymous said...

well, you're probably a sensible person... but as I guy in Bahrain, I can tell you that their are more freakish nymphs out there than sensible people. The term f*ck-buddy in that book can apply both ways, remember that.

Good luck finding your, err, significant other in this place.

NOONOO said...

Well, with a book or without one.. i think we all have at least one idea about the life we would like to live and a certain amount of degnity that we would like to keep.. hints do exist for a reason, so if "He’s Just Not That Into You" you know what kind of a feedback you're gonna get.. anyways, we don't have to waste more time causing ourselves heartaches, life is good and we are soooo gooood… a guy who keeps making up excuses just to call you (NOT THE ONE WHO KEEPS MAKING UP EXCUSES FOR NOT DOING SO) is the one who deserves your attention.. at least that's how i see it :p

aMaL said...

Read your post last week.. couldn’t agree more..
Thanks for sharing your opinion. Don’t be a stranger ;)
Liked what you said:
"a guy who keeps making up excuses just to call you (NOT THE ONE WHO KEEPS MAKING UP EXCUSES FOR NOT DOING SO) is the one who deserves your attention."

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write. it's alot like the 'girl' fiction books. Entertaining and easy to relate to.
I read that book you're talking about, and altho I like it alot. It Does, however, tend to go to extremes in 'strict' acting with boys.
I guess it's like a wake up call for those who are 'extemes' in the opposite direction (i.e stuck in loveless, abusive, or careless relationships, like I was with my ex).
But you and -I, now-, we're fine (i guess and hope) :>

Love, Fattoom