07 May 2017

Wild Gypsy

**Wild artist**
I can relate to all artists living in a world of internal mental chaos made by having the sensitivity to observe the details of every motion, emotion, thought and physical trait within them, within their surroundings and within fantasies their imagination weaves as it gets fed by infinite details of details. I can relate to the artists obsessed with expressing themselves within their vivid worlds, through their art seeking a way to capture, understand and share their experience of life. I can relate to the body (mental, emotional, physical), being overloaded by stimulants, the nervous system flaring up with “aliveness” and the flow of energy within it. I can relate to feeling the taste of pleasure on one’s tongue without the physical presence of the pleasured.

**Wild gypsy**
In my head, in my rawest, most honest view of myself, in my mind’s eye, I am a gypsy; big wild hair, layers of accessories from all spaces, flowy dress that dances in the wind, jingling anklets echoing the music of my unresting steps, voice loud and clear and in love with its own sound, sings, bosom on fire with desire for passionate, lustful, romantic, uninhibited love making with myself, with the world, with life. Wild gypsy, unstoppable, uncontrollable, uncapturable. Wild, dramatic, life gushing out of my every pore, every hair, every curve, every breath. Life, drunk with life.

**Wild being**
Wild gypsy lives her life as a form of art making, the latter a form of love making. I paint on the walls of my life and they are no longer walls, they are windows to further possibilities. My every string of words is poetry. My voice sings as the wind carries my dancing body across the vast, expansive, lush ballroom that is the Earth, the playground that is the Cosmos. I paint and sing and dance and paint and sing and dance and paint and sing and dance till my body is saturated by its achieved potential, drenched in a sea of sweet sweat infused by the scent of wild loving. I float, carried by the sea. I float. I surrender. I let go. I melt into the arms of the Divine. I defragment. I become all that I loved. Pieces of me live in all the details. I am no longer. There just is. Wildness.

May 2017

04 April 2017

Love Untainited

I never hated you
I just hated the parts of me exposed with you
I was never angry at you
I was angry at my own madness
I never feared you
I feared what I was about to become
I never didn't love you
I loved you always
The first glance
The last touch
Before we met
After we evolved
Through it all
Beyond it all
Love has always been here
In very particle that makes things what they are
Untainted by the gibberish
Unshaken by drama
Like a bird's song at one's window.

April 2017

09 March 2017

Dark Armpits

In the mirror
I used to see
A large forehead
Dark armpits
Dry, course curly hair
A round jelly belly
A big butt
Uneven eyebrows
And a sensitive soul
And be ashamed

I look in the same mirror
And see
The same large forehead
Dark armpits
Dry, course curly hair
The round jelly belly
The big butt
Uneven eyebrows,
All crowned with a few sprouting grey hairs
And a sensitive soul
This is the geography of this body
The natural topography of its surface
Which I look at
With neither a sense of ownership
Nor aversion
Towards any of the traits of the temple that is my body
To the divinity that is my soul
But absolute beauty
Sincere gratitude
OM Shanti

March 2017

28 February 2017

Come Home

by Fletcher Prentice

Come home with me
A blueprint in my mind
A world of potential colours
A world of possible cuddles
Of passions and dreams and joyful tears

Come home
To that place we aspire to be
With every inhale filling our lungs with excitement
With every exhale spreading the joy of fantasizing

Come home
A bundle  of past flowers
Healing treasures from the present
Showers of gifts to pour

Come home
I will fill our bathtub with the garden petals
I will sprinkle lavender oil in the corners
I will skip and twirl as we dance in the kitchen
I will sing our childful morning song for you, with you, every morning
I will admire the sweet silence every afternoon
I will light a candle
Every evening,
Every night
To celebrate
The world of love
That is
Our home

Amal - 23 Feb 2017

أَنْظُرُ إليّ

أَنْظُرُ إليّ

أَنْظُرُ إليّ
وأرى أنا التي تراها فيّ
وأراك أنت فيّ
وأرى الكون كله مزيناً بألوان قوس القزح وعطر الورود وطعم العسل وأنغام البلابل وآفاق الأحلام ونشوة الرفقة ودفء القلوب وعذوبة الضحك ورقة التفاصيل وسحر الصمت وسعادة الوجود الغامرة
وأحب كل ما أرى

أمل - فبراير 2017 

14 February 2017

Reflections on Assertiveness as a Yoga Teacher

I had a rather tough day in my life as a yoga teacher. I experienced situations in which I had to be assertive and others didn’t receive it well. I felt pressure to justify my decisions, my thoughts and actions and was even indirectly implied to be inflexible in my approach to things.

It’s funny, if it were the corporate world I was working in, despite the sexist challenges of being a woman, I would have still been encouraged by the company to be even more assertive. e.g. telecom companies don’t take it lightly when you miss a bill payment, exceed your data threshold or run out of credit. It is because this is yoga and and it is in the field of care, consciousness and mindfulness, there is an assumption that as teachers we have to give up parts of ourselves to others, and that we are not entitled to being assertive, which is not true, from my perspective, for several reasons;

Firstly, teaching yoga is my job, which I commit to and am disciplined in to the best of my capacity. I expect the people I engage with to also be committed and disciplined in order for us to have a mutual ground to work together. This commitment and discipline takes the shape of non-written and written terms of a “code of conduct”.

Secondly, as dry and unemotional as it sounds, when I run a class I am running a business and not a charity. It has to make business sense. Yes, rates, timings, terms and conditions are set in major consideration to customer needs and behaviour, and at the same time, equally important, they take into consideration the business aspect as well as the employee and employers, so businesses do not fully and completely revolve around customers. The phrase, “the customer is always right” is misleading and inaccurate. Professional relationships, like all relationships, are governed by chemistry. Certain business models suit certain customers, and some don’t. If either party is uncomfortable with a setup, they either adapt accordingly or seek what they require elsewhere.

Yet the most important reason why I stick to being assertive when needed is because I am simply entitled to, without an ounce of guilt. My needs, my wants, my time and effort are utterly valuable. I am fully entitled to, if not even obligated towards myself, to put myself first. Always. Always. Always.

Even when I am doing a job that is of service to others, if I don’t put myself first, I have nothing to offer people. It may be judged, it may be perceived as selfish or rigid, yet it’s the bare, honest truth. In a society where we are pressured to shy away from giving ourselves the attention we deserve, what I reflect on may be difficult to digest and accept. Yet there’s no space to be shy about loving and caring about myself. As flexible, adaptive and lenient as I believe I need to be, I need to be equally strong, steady and stable.

Claiming one’s rights doesn’t deprive anyone of anything. When I claim my rights, I am empowering myself, I am accepting that I deserve what’s good for me. I am creating space to receive abundance. And the universe is a magical place, because this universe is infinitely abundant.


04 February 2017


Do you have the courage
To loosen these mouldy ropes
That chain us to our minds
Do you dare chop them off?

Do you have the courage
To take a stroll with me
Along the edges of the valleys of my wounds
Do you dare
Stare at that rotting bitterness with me
And scatter jasmines and rosewater over it,
Cleanse it
Bless it?

Do you have the courage
To play with me
Do we dare
Swing from one game to another
Laugh at ourselves
Remind ourselves
How trivial we are
How much like monkeys we sway
How existence is futile, pointless, aimless,
How the best thing we can do
Is throw our heads back in laughter
In an act of rebellion
Ridicule the drama,
Laugh at the whole story!

Do we have the courage
To flung the doors of our hearts open
Do we dare
Receive the vast golden sun rays
Allow them to spread
Through our chests
In all directions
In all dimensions
Wash us over
Fill us with love
Nourish us with content

Do you dare
Be happy?

Do we dare

Do I dare
Just be?

Feb 2017/Dec2015

06 January 2017

I am free

I am free
I am liberal
I am liberated
I belong to no sect,
No dogma of faith
No school
No people.

I am mine
I am all's
I am unlabelable,

I follow no rules
Everything is valid
All is possible,
The imaginable and the unfathomable.

The grand universe is my lungs
Through it I breathe,
A world of my dreams
Weaved by pure fantasy.
The cosmos is my warm sea to swim in,
My vast room to sway and dance,
The infinite space to expand into.

I am everywhere
Everywhere is in me
I am all the Love there is
For It resides in me
The Essence of the Divine.

Om Namo Narayani.

amal - Dec 2016

01 November 2016

Plump Arms. Clear mind.

I might have finally gotten there. Or reached close to where I wanted to be. So I thought after I had seen the reflection of my plump arms on a glass window as I was strolling around Adliya last night, and thought, “eh, look!”, and that was it, an acknowledgement of my plump upper arms, followed by zero judgement, nothing, nada.

Today, I have a confession to make; for quite a while, as a practitioner of yoga, I judged my body; I took pride when it “looked” fit and sabotaged myself whenever I looked more full. Being a yoga teacher didn’t help much initially, I struggled from time to time as I compared my body to those of fellow “slim” teachers, and my practice and style of teaching to theirs. The body can be a distraction sometimes, I see now, as we strive towards a calmer space in our lives.

I spill more beans; my personal practice varies greatly; some days I only practice breathing, some days I only meditate, some days I just do a few Sun Salutations, some days I mix it up, some days I just stretch in bed, some days I practice online with other teachers, some days I just lie down in Savasana, and some days I can’t stand the thought of unrolling my mat. Every month, when I am on my period, I often go for 4-5 days without practice, and it is lovely, because by day five I start to yearn for being on the mat. I try to set some “discipline” in my practice and stick to a regular form of practice, but I get bored, and respecting my daily-and-ever-changing nature and responding to what complement it is stronger and more truthful to me than doing something regularly for the sake of doing it.

During my Level 1 yoga teacher training, I was reminded over and over again to be authentic. That was the number one tip. Today I find myself sticking strongly to that as a guide, thus my personal practice reflects on what and how I teach. In class, some days we do more breathing, some days we sweat more, some days we chant more and some days we dance. This works for some people, and it doesn’t work for many, and it is ok. My mission, I figure, is to attempt to find inner peace within me, and share my path with others to the best of my ability and in the most truthful way I am capable of. Hence, when I look at the big picture, the plumpness and my body becomes insignificant, trivial.

If I want proof that what I am doing is beneficial, it is that my mind is calm, I am able to think clearly and lovingly, I am able to feel what I feel and then get over it, that my thoughts, words and actions are loving, and when they are not, I am aware of it.

“The body is just a vehicle”, I think I am finally starting to really comprehend what that means. Having awareness, being conscious, being guided by love, surrendering to what is, this is key. Everything else is furniture.

Om Namo Narayani.


Amal Jaffar

30 September 2016

رحلة الإستسلام وتسليم النفس

درمشالا، شمال الهند
Original Article in English
رحلة "الإستسلام وتسليم النفس"

خلال هذه الفترة من العام الماضي، كنت قد بدأت أشعر بمزيج من الألم واليأس والإنكسار، حيث وجدت نفسي في مواقف متتالية تحطم "الأنا" في داخلي. وفي غضم تجربتي الصعبة، كان أهم ما "أنقذني" وساعدني هو أن أستسلم وأسلم نفسي. فقد أدركت أنه ليس هناك داعي لأمتلك السيطرة التامة على مجريات حياتي دائماً، وليس هناك داعي لأكون دائماً في مكان يمنحني الراحة أو الاستقرار بشكل تام، وليس هناك داعي لأن تجري الأمور دائماً وفق مخططاتي أو رغباتي. فعندما أتخلص من دور "المسؤول" وأسلم أمري، يبدو أنني في الوقت ذاته أرحب بما يقدمه الكون لي من هدايا جميلة تفوق التوقعات، وأسمح لنفسي بأن أستقبلها وأستلمها وأستمتع بها.

في الوقت ذاته، لا أنكر بأن الطريق عبر وإلى "الإستسلام تسليم النفس" قد يكون وعراً ومزيناً بالعقبات، خصوصاً عندما يتدخل "العقل" أو "الأنا" ويثرثر بصوت عال. سألتني إحدى الصديقات مؤخراً سؤالاً بسيطاً إنما جوهرياً: كيف أمارس "تسليم النفس"؟ كيف يمكنني أن أخفف من محاولة سيطرتي على الأمور وأسمح للعالم بأن يأخذني إلى أي مكان؟

وكانت إجابتي كالتالي:

التقليل من الخوف
تتمثل أحد أبرز العقبات التي تواجهنا في هذه الرحلة في التخلص أو التقليل من الشعور بالخوف، وأعني هنا الخوف من فقدان الأشياء والناس والهوية والشعور بالأمن، الخ، والخوف من التعرض للأذى، والخوف من التغيير، والخوف من المجهول، والخوف من عدم مقدرتنا على التعامل مع ما نخشاه. وهذا الخوف - للأسف وبصراحة - عادة ما نرثه بشكل أساسي من قبل أمهاتنا وآبائنا، والذين من منطلق المحبة والإهتمام، يواصلون إسقاط خوفهم علينا حتى بعد أن نكبر في العمر ونخوض تجارب الحياة بأنفسنا. وعلى الرغم من وجود سبب وجيه لتوظيف درجة من الخوف عندما كنا أطفالاً، فنحن على الأغلب لم نعد بحاجة إلى ذلك كأشخاص بالغين.

ففي الكبر، يعمل الخوف بمثابة "درع عاطفي" نرتديه لحماية أنفسنا من التعرض للألم أو الأذى، ولكنه في المقابل يحجب المشاعر والتجارب والفرص والقدرة على مشاركة المحبة وتبادلها. وكما ينصحنا المتحدث والمؤلف العالمي "ماكس ستروم" والذي يسترسل في كتابه (A Life Worth Breathing) في شرح فكرة "الدرع العاطفي"، فليس هناك داعي لنا، ككبار وبالغين، أن نواصل ارتداء هذا الدرع.

الشعور والتقبل
في محاولتنا لتقليل مخاوفنا، من المفيد جداً أن نسمح لمشاعرنا وأفكارنا بأن تكون موجودة، ونتقبلها دون أن نحكم عليها أو نقسو على أنفسنا بسببها، لأنها ببساطة جزء من التجربة الإنسانية التي نمر بها، ومن الأفضل أن نعبر عنها في بيئة رحبة ودافئة بدلاً من أن نقمعها. قد يبدو الأمر متناقضا، ولكن عندما نسمح لأنفسنا بأن نشعر ونحس، فإننا نصبح أقوى.

يمكننا أن نبدأ من خلال الإستماع لأنفسنا ولصوتنا الداخلي بمحبة، والتعبير عن أفكارنا ومشاعرنا من خلال التحدث عنها أو الكتابة أو الرسم أو أي وسيلة إبداعية أخرى. كما يمكننا أن نسمح لأنفسنا بأن نتشاركها مع الآخرين ممن نحب ونثق بهم، إذا كنا نشعر بالراحة في ذلك.

قطرة في المحيط
من المهم أن ندرك - لأنها حقيقة ثابتة - أن الكون يسير والحياة تمضي بشكل جيد من دون أن نتدخل في كل التفاصيل. قد تبدو هذه الفكرة كئيبة للبعض، أما بالنسبة لي شخصياً فإنني أشعر أنها تخلصني من عبء ليس بالضرورة علي تحمله. فكم من وقت وجهد نصب في أمور لا نؤثر فيها إلا قليلاً، وكم من مرة نظن أننا على علم بما هو الأفضل لنا فتفاجؤنا الأحداث بما يفوق توقعاتنا. إن محاولة السيطرة على كل شيء هي محاولة غير مجدية، وليس كل منا سوى جزء صغير من عالم واسع وبالغ التعقيد والاتصال، حيث كل شيء يؤثر على كل شيء. وعلى الرغم من أن لدى كل منا دور صغير نلعبه، لسنا سوى قطرات في بحر واسع المدى وبالغ العمق.

أحد التحديات هنا هو أن معظمنا يعتقد بأنه على علم بما هو الأفضل لمصلحته الشخصية. وقد يكون هذا صحيحا إلى حد ما، لأن هناك دائما مساحة لتطويرأنفسنا وإيجاد سعادة وراحة أكبر في حياتنا. وعملية تطوير الذات هي عملية مستمرة وممتعة إن شئنا لها أن تكون كذلك، ولكن المشكلة تأتي عندما نعتقد بأننا نعلم ما هو الأفضل للآخرين ونعطي أنفسنا الحق في إنتقادهم أو إسداء النصائح لهم أو حتى إعطائهم الأوامر في الأحيان. ويزداد الأمر صعوبة عندما نكون في موقع مسؤولية أو من المتوقع منا أن نكون ذو حكمة، كما في حالة الأم أو الأب أو الزوجة أو الزوج، وتكون بعض الأمور بالفعل تحتاج إلى جهد وتدخل ورأي منا، إنما بعد نقطة معينة لا يعد الأمر في أيدينا ولا بالضرورة يعنينا. عند تلك النقطة تنتهي حدود مسؤوليتنا، وينفتح أمر الشخص على المحيط الشاسع الذي يشكله الكون. وهنا من المفيد أن نتذكر أن نسمح للناس - مهما كانوا أقرباء منا - أن يكونوا كما يريدون بغض النظر عن مدى إختلافهم عنا، دون أن نحكم عليهم أو ننتقدهم أو نعاقبهم. فعندما ندع الناس يكونوا كما يشاؤون، نتعلم نحن بدورنا أن نكون كما نشاء.

إن "تسليم النفس" أمر يتطلب درجة من الإيمان، وليس بالضرورة أن يرتبط هذا الإيمان بدين أو فلسفة معينة، إنما قد ينبت من قيم شخصية مرسخة في جذور الشخص. فالبعض يسلم نفسه لفكرة القدر، والبعض يسلم نفسه لربه، والبعض يختار أن يتخيل أنه قطرة في بحر هذا الكون بكل ما فيه، والبعض "يسلم نفسه" عندما يشعر أنه متصل بالكل عن طريق المحبة أو المادة الفيزيائية أو الإنسانية. ومن ناحية عملية هناك تمرين يجدي نفعاً لدى تعاملنا مع شخص أو موقف صعب، أو شعورنا بالعجز تجاه فهم أمر ما أو التعامل معه، وهو أن نردد لأنفسنا "أسلم نفسي لهذ الموقف/هذه التجربة/هذا الشخص". ولكل منا طريقته في ممارسة معتقداته بالشكل الذي يراه، وهنا يكمن الجمال، في تعبيرنا عن أنفسنا والعيش وفقا لما يريحنا.

هنا. الآن. النعيم.
رحلة "الإستسلام وتسليم النفس" بالنسبة لي كانت ولا تزال رحلة جميلة تجلب شعوراً عميقاً بالرضا وسعادة تعلمت إنني أستحقها وألا أخشاها. أن "نسلم أنفسنا" لا يعني أن نكون خنوعين أو ضعفاء أو سلبيين أو بليدين، على العكس، فإنه يعني أن نقبل كل ما تأتينا الحياة به بصدر رحب وبإيجابية ومحبة وامتنان، أن نرى كم نحن محظوظين ومباركين لمرورنا بتجارب الحياة مهما اختلفت، بمصاعبها وأفراحها، وأن نتذكر بأن هناك دائماً مجال لازدهار المحبة في العالم الذي بداخلنا والعالم الذي بخارجنا.

أمل جعفر

23 September 2016

When I Surrendered to You


When I surrendered to you
I surrendered to the universe,
And here we are
In this place, these places,
The most beautiful versions
Of our divinity luminous selves.

There is much silence in here
I don’t have much to talk about
My tongue seems to only want to
As if it was born to do just so

And I..
I am a wave in the ocean that we are
That is..

And you..
You dance in your ways, with all that you are

I procrastinate in my sentences..
This present moment is profoundly compelling..
My words need not weave themselves into any fantasy
My imagination need not play
I don’t need to..
I don’t need to write a poem..
I have very little desire to do so
I observe, a witness to this..
I am the poem
You are the poem
We are divine poetry
And into the sparkling magic of poetry
We dissolve..
We surrender..

amal - Aug 2016

Kiss Your Feet

Kiss your feet
Hug yourself
Rub your belly
Taste your lips
Feel your heart
Trace the love in your in-breath
Shower yourself with your out-breath
Make love
To you
To your every cell alive

amal - Sep 2016

09 September 2016

Divine Periods

I believe that periods are magical.

Before you start screaming at me in your head, I must say that I understand that this may sound like some hippie yoga fluff, but please do read on. You can comment once you're done reading.

I believe that periods are magical. I find the process of each phase of the monthly menstrual cycle amazing and I feel blessed to have a body capable of such intelligence. My period reminds me of how divine my physical body is, as well as how strong and simultaneously fragile it is.

Perhaps I am also blessed to have, for most of my life, experienced periods with minimal cramps, though at many times the emotional stress, trauma and drama was almost crippling. Thankfully, the more I delved into my yoga practice, the less severe the premenstrual symptoms were, and the more awareness I was grateful to develop towards my body, emotions and even thought patterns.

My Prenatal Yoga teacher, Lina Ma, once mentioned that perhaps many of us feel sad right before our periods because at some level our body has figured out that we are not pregnant this month. Maybe a more physiological version of that would be that the body had spent the biggest chunk of its cycle preparing and chugging hormones for conception to take place, then it doesn’t happen and there’s some kind of chaos to let the uterine lining be pushed out of the body and the hormones back in order.

On a related note, menstrual cups are useful tools to help us get more in touch with our cycles, bodies and emotions. Not only do we get to examine the shedding more closely, but they also teach us to accept and embrace a part of us that is often looked at as “dirty”, and that we can easily just ignore otherwise. You really do get intimate with your own blood. This is how I noticed that on the third day of my cycle, which is usually the heaviest in flow, I feel the lowest. In addition, I have more pronounced cravings and feel over attached. I want more attention and more food and I find it difficult to accept distance and space. My tendency to resist detachment shows clearly. All of this makes me contemplate all those things I need to allow to flow out of me as the blood flows out out through my cervix; stress, sadness, fears, toxic thoughts, toxic behaviour, toxic possessions, etc.

In the Hindu culture, the goddess “Kali”, who represents Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine, courage, strength and empowerment, is also associated with the days of menstruation, she captures the energy of that phase of the cycle. Kali is said to take all the darkness away and cleanses us, she [destroys only to recreate, and what she destroys is sin, ignorance and decay. She is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time]*.

Perhaps I don’t agree with many cultures that consider a woman in her period as “impure” and cast her away till she is done, but I would also say that in light of the cleansing process that seems to be happening during that time, we deserve to take the time to go inwards and contemplate what’s going on, in whatever way we see fit.

Our bodies are amazing and the observation of what they are capable of can be very insightful once we start to pay attention. As a woman, I truly feel blessed to be able to experience my cycle monthly -effortlessly and without much interference or action from me- and have that as a chance to learn more about myself and improve areas that need attention.

May we all be blessed with love and kindness, to ourselves before anyone else. May we all treasure the miracles that we are. May there be peace. May there be peace. May there be peace.


*(source unknown)